The Closest I’ve Come to Going Out

This week I was in our sparring class.  We were doing 10 minute rounds and we had an odd number. So if someone was submitted they stayed in and a new partner came in.  At one point, I had a new partner come in, we slapped hands and started to roll. He pushed my head down and tried to go for a guillotine. When I defended, he transitioned to my back. He tried to go for a rear naked. As I was defending that, he started to set up a bow-and-arrow choke.

As I tried to defend, I turned to my right. However, that was the wrong way. He grabbed my right leg and as I was trying to turn, I ended up tightening his choke.  It got tight really fast. I tapped.

As my next partner came in, I was still seeing stars. That lasted for about 15-30s.

That’s been the closest I’ve come to going out, and it came this week.  On the plus side, I probably won’t turn the wrong way next time.

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